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  1. 2-Section Dry Food Container by Chef's Pride™

    …top makes it easy to pour just the contents you want, while keeping the other side's contents neatly contained. Great for storing 2 types of dry cereal, dry beans, even 2 types of pet kibble or treats—keeping both sides together, yet separate and easy to dispense. The food storage container's clear,…

    2-Section Dry Food Container by Chef's Pride™



  2. Storage Container with Measuring Cup by Chef's Pride™

    …container! Storage Container with Measuring Cup keeps dry ingredients fresh, with a measuring cup and handle built into the lid. Simply pour cereal, rice, baking ingredients and more from the convenient spout right into the 1-cup measure. BPA-free polypropylene kitchen storage container stores…

    Storage Container with Measuring Cup by Chef's Pride™



  3. Bag Buddy

    …it without mess or hassle. This clever kitchen helper makes it easy to fill plastic sealer bags with candy, chocolate chips, spices, nuts, raisins, cereal or popcorn kernels, and is great for filling freezer bags with soups, cooked veggies, stews, sauces and more. Compact for easy storage, Bag buddy…

    Bag Buddy



  4. Tall Food Storage Set

    Ideal for dry storage items like cereals, granola or flour, our set of 3 Tall Food Storage Containers with Lids is a must-have, particularly for bulk foods. Featuring snap-tight air-tight lids, our set of 3 containers features clear BPA-free plastic that allows you to see the contents easily. Our…

    Tall Food Storage Set



  5. Pantry Storage Rack by Chef's Pride™

    …containing pantry essentials in 4 divided sections, this Pantry Storage Rack eliminates clutter—and makes finding your favorite snack, seasoning or cereal quick and easy. The metal rack's open design makes it easy to add or remove food items, keeping contents separated, yet together … and always…

    Pantry Storage Rack by Chef's Pride™



  6. Cereal Scoop

    cereals — store it right in the box or container for easy access. Also great for measuring oats and for using to scoop cereal add-ins like nuts and berries! BPA-free plastic cereal measuring scoop is dishwasher safe.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Start your day off right! Cereal scoop…

    Cereal Scoop



  7. Cat-Shaped Bamboo Clips, Set of 4

    …cat's meow! Food clip set features 4 charming cat designs, all with metal springs that close tightly to help seal in freshness on chips, bread bags, cereal and more. They're so cute, you'll want to clip them anywhere and everywhere they can be seen! Set of 4 food storage bag clips, each 2 1/4" long…

    Cat-Shaped Bamboo Clips, Set of 4



  8. Clear View Dry Food Measure Scoops by Chef's Pride™, Set of 4

    Get the scoop on easy measuring and serving! Clear View Dry Food Measure Scoops are perfect for everything from cereal and pasta to nuts and snacks and much more. Set of 4 clear kitchen scoops includes 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and 1 cup. Included silver ring holds the nesting measuring scoop set together, or…

    Clear View Dry Food Measure Scoops by Chef's Pride™, Set of 4



  9. Butterfly Bag Clips, Set of 8

    …butterfly wings you can easily grab to open or close, these bag clips provide a strong spring grip to close up bags of chips, pretzels, crackers, cereal or bread — locking in freshness to prevent waste. Exclusively designed in durable plastic with metal springs, the sturdy food clips are perfect for…

    Butterfly Bag Clips, Set of 8



  10. Mini Bag Sealer by Chef's Pride™

    …fresh contents. The easy-to-use plastic sealer efficiently seals and cuts plastic packaging, making it great for chips and pretzels, deli meats, cereal bags, nuts, cookies, crackers, frozen vegetables, fruits and more. Featuring a removable hook for hanging storage and easy access, the compact heat…

    Mini Bag Sealer by Chef's Pride™



  11. Banana Storage Bag

    …bag features a convenient drawstring top and a cute design that will look charming in any kitchen. Whether you love to have sliced bananas on your cereal every morning, you eat one banana per day for health reasons or you add bananas to your protein smoothies, this banana storage bag is a must-have…

    Banana Storage Bag



  12. Norpro® Easy-Crank Nut Chopper

    …easy-crank nut chopper to grind nuts, candy, cookies and other toppings—quickly and easily! Convenient and efficient for baking or topping salads, cereals and desserts, the portable nut crusher's stainless steel blades rotate while you crank, evenly chopping without batteries or electric power. Just…

    Norpro® Easy-Crank Nut Chopper



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