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  1. Cash Shirt

    cash makes the best gift—especially when you have no idea what to buy for one of the people on your Christmas list. However, cash certainly isn't the most exciting gift to open. The next time you want to make a gift of money, don't stuff it into a card and envelope. Transform it into a gift that…

    Cash Shirt



  2. Personalized Children's Cash Box

    …kids’ Easter basket gift idea. [{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"\u003cp\u003eKids of all ages will be super-excited to have one of our Personalized Kid’s Cash Boxes in their lives! Our child’s lockable box is a great place to stash their allowances and cash gifts from grandparents, aunts,…

    Personalized Children's Cash Box



  3. Money Machine™ Cash Dispenser

    Cash gifts have never been so fun thanks to the Money Machine™ Cash Dispenser. Your recipient will love the element of surprise: Will they pull out dollar bills? Twenty-dollar bills? Fifties? Hundreds? They’ll have a great time finding out! A great alternative to just adding money to your cards,…

    Money Machine™ Cash Dispenser



  4. Personalized Snowman Cash Pouch

    …give gift cards and cash gifts this holiday season? Our Personalized Snowman Cash Gift Pouch is a super-cute way to give small goodies this Christmas. With his festive scarf, his top hat and his personalized belly, he will likely steal the show. He features a zippered pouch to keep your cash gift or…

    Personalized Snowman Cash Pouch



  5. Puzzle Lock Gift Card Maze

    Gift cards, jewelry, cash and more are the perfect size for this fun, interactive Puzzle Lock Gift Card Maze. The lucky recipient must solve and complete a challenging maze to retrieve his or her gift. Gift card box is 5" long x 4" wide x 2 7/8" deep.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Gift…

    Puzzle Lock Gift Card Maze



  6. Personalized Kid's Font Piggy Bank

    …Piggy Bank for Kids is custom made for your favorite little munchkin and provides a valuable lesson in money management. Keep allowances and cash gifts in one safe place with our customized piggy bank, which is sure to delight any young person and motivate them to see just how much money they…

    Personalized Kid's Font Piggy Bank



  7. All Occasion Money Holder Cards, Set of 6

    …a fun polka dot design, opens to a cheerful greeting, then again to a place to tuck in the cash everyone loves. Set of 6 money and gift card holders, each 3" x 6 5/16". Includes 6 bonus coordinating envelopes for the easiest gift-wrapping![{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Gift-giving…

    All Occasion Money Holder Cards, Set of 6



  8. Christmas Present Money Card Holders, Set of 6

    …feature a festive tree, opens to a Merry Christmas greeting, then again to a place to tuck in the cash everyone loves. Set of 6 money and gift card holders includes 6 bonus coordinating envelopes for the easiest gift-wrapping! Each 3" x 6 5/16".[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Gift-giving…

    Christmas Present Money Card Holders, Set of 6



  9. Leather Zipper Wallet

    Looking for a great gift? Look no further than our Personalized Leather Zipper Wallet, available in your choice of genuine black or brown leather. Keep your ID, credit cards and cash secure inside this wallet that features a removable card/photo holder, a snap coin pocket and single billfold…

    Leather Zipper Wallet



  10. Personalized Children's Space-Themed Wallet

    …their cash; Durable Material – With a sturdy polyester construction, this wallet is not only functional but it’s also easy to keep clean. Wallet measures 5” x 8 ½” open; Customized – We’ll personalize this wallet for your smart saver. Simply specify name – limit 1 line, 10 letters/spaces; Great Gift

    Personalized Children's Space-Themed Wallet



  11. Personalized Childrens Wallets

    …easily mixed up with others. This pink wallet is perfect for any little nature lover, featuring 4 purple butterflies; Great Gift – Children’s wallet makes a wonderful gift on its own or fill it with a few bills for an extra special treat. Perfect for toddlers, children, boys, girls and pre-teens"}]

    Personalized Childrens Wallets



  12. Personalized Stuffed Pig

    …his stuffing and fill his soft shell with p.j.s for sleepovers at Grandma's, books and toys for car trips ... or hide baseball cards, allowance cash, diary or other special treasures inside. The soft stuffing "pillow" can be easily put back inside when it's time to snuggle. Best of all, this plush…

    Personalized Stuffed Pig



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