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  1. Necco® Banana Split Chews 10.5 oz., Set of 3

    …will take you back to that corner candy store you frequented in those carefree days as a kid. Banana taffy candies are soft and chewy, just like you remember them! Enjoy these bite-sized banana-flavored treats with family and friends—keep them in your candy dishes and help yourself to this treat…

    Necco® Banana Split Chews 10.5 oz., Set of 3



  2. Bit-O-Honey Candy - 9.5 oz.

    …deliciousness. Individually wrapped and ready to share, our 9.5-oz. package of Bit-O-Honey taffy candies is great to hand out at Halloween, to display in your home's or business' candy dishes, to give out as rewards to students (we won't tell anyone) or keep for yourself to enjoy in the evenings…

    Bit-O-Honey Candy - 9.5 oz.



  3. Mrs. Kimball's Mike and Ike Candy, 16 oz.

    …fruity flavors of Mrs. Kimball's Mike and Ike Candy! Introduced in 1940, these oblong delights were named after 2 friends who worked for the company and have been a staple in movie theaters and candy dishes ever since. Grab a handful of this fruity candy and enjoy the fresh, fruity flavors you grew…

    Mrs. Kimball's Mike and Ike Candy, 16 oz.



  4. Licorice Pastels 13 oz.

    …licorice lovers for generations. Featuring soft, chewy black licorice centers covered in crisp candy shells, the black licorice candy offers sweet satisfaction for kids of all ages—dressing up your candy dish in bright assorted colors. 13 oz.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"These classic…

    Licorice Pastels 13 oz.



  5. Mrs. Kimball's Licorice Hollows

    …licorice candies, but Mrs. Kimball's Licorice Hollows have a taste all their own, and true licorice fans will be thrilled to discover a tempting, new obsession unlike anything else. Chewy, moist and incredibly yummy, the licorice candy with sweet, crispy coating will brighten any candy dish, and…

    Mrs. Kimball's Licorice Hollows



  6. Red Hershey's® Kiss Candy Jar

    candy treats of all time; Artfully Crafted – This 2-piece lidded candy dish is solid, yet easily accessible by lifting the top to reveal special treats inside; Covered Storage Jar – Fill this lead-free crystal dish with the delicious chocolate kiss candies for which it is named or any type of candy

    Red Hershey's® Kiss Candy Jar



  7. Crystal Hersheys Kiss Candy Jar

    An elegant way to share treats, this Crystal Hersheys Kiss Candy Jar features the iconic flat-bottomed teardrop shape we all know and love. Brilliant clear candy dish serves as a sweet holiday accent on a coffee or occasional table. 5 1/4" dia. x 5 1/2" high. Lead-free crystal. Hand…

    Crystal Hersheys Kiss Candy Jar



  8. Ceramic Cardinal Bowl

    Perch this pretty cardinal dish wherever you need a pop of color—and a sweet little home for nuts, candies, dips, sauces, condiments or trinkets. Artfully crafted of shiny glazed ceramic and detailed all around, the cardinal bowl is just as lovely on your kitchen table or counter as it is on a…

    Ceramic Cardinal Bowl



  9. We Are Nuts Maple Bourbon Almonds, 10 oz.

    …Cities Spent Grain Co-Op in partnership with NETZRO, it makes a hostess and holiday gift you'll be proud to give. The lid doubles as a cute serving dish and is perfect for portioning too! 10 oz.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Add more sizzle to snacking with We Are Nuts Maple Bourbon…

    We Are Nuts Maple Bourbon Almonds, 10 oz.



  10. Caramel Creams® Candy 12.5 oz., Set of 3

    …Easter baskets and everyday candy dishes. Set of 3 bags; each contains 12.5 oz."},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":5,"title":"Features","text":"Soft and chewy caramel candies with a sweet fondant center;…

    Caramel Creams® Candy 12.5 oz., Set of 3



  11. Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Bridge Mix

    …crunchy peanuts, almonds and Brazil nuts, plump raisins, creamy caramels and sweet creams; All generously covered in 100% real milk and dark chocolate; American made with the finest, freshest ingredients; A luxurious addition to any candy dish or dessert table; 16 oz."}]

    Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Bridge Mix



  12. Triple Candy Machine, White

    …safely share candy, nuts and snacks without spreading germs. Fun for parties, events, and everyday snacking, the unique 3-chamber design with separate fingertip dispensing gives family, guests or coworkers easy access to a handful of goodies—keeping hands safely out of jars, candy dishes and serving…

    Triple Candy Machine, White



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