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  1. Universal Stainless Can and Jar Strainer by Home Marketplace

    canned fruits or vegetables. Simply place the universal strainer over bottle or can and push down on the easy-grip handles for quick, easy draining into sink, bowl or container. The mini strainer also shields your hands from sharp can edges to prevent cuts. With its round shape, this small strainer

    Universal Stainless Can and Jar Strainer by Home Marketplace



  2. Oil Strainer

    …regular, keto or paleo meals; Strainer Top – Cooking oil strainer separates impurities from the oil, handy lid discreetly covers the contents for future use; Convenient Spout – Curved lip of storage pot makes pouring and reusing oil easy, grease and oil can be poured in hot or warm directly…

    Oil Strainer



  3. Stainless Steel Pot Strainer

    …pot strainer great for straining pasta, potatoes, veggies, meat, stocks, sauces and soups. Unlike a large bulky colander, this space-saving piece takes up little room in your dishwasher or kitchen cabinet, and can even be stored right on top of a pot or bowl. Dishwasher safe food strainer. Measures…

    Stainless Steel Pot Strainer



  4. Sink Strainer with Stopper by Chef's Pride™

    …things flowing smoothly in the sink. Better than a metal drain strainer, this Sink Strainer with Stopper features a wide lip and a deep center to catch clog-causing food and debris and keep it out of drains and pipes, and you can easily empty it by pressing the silicone center. The removable stopper…

    Sink Strainer with Stopper by Chef's Pride™



  5. Straining Ladle

    Scoop and serve with ease thanks to this 2-in-1 Straining Ladle! One side features an easy-to-use kitchen strainer so you can serve with less liquid and less mess. The other side features a spout for precise pouring. You decide whether to strain a little, a lot or none at all. This serving ladle is…

    Straining Ladle



  6. Snap & Strain Clip-On Silicone Colander by Home Marketplace™

    …you can easily drain hot pasta water or grease, right from cookware. Simple to use, the heat-resistant clip on pot strainer snaps on securely with two side clips, then snaps off easily for dishwasher cleaning. Taking up little space in drawer or storage cabinet, the snap-on silicone pot strainer is…

    Snap & Strain Clip-On Silicone Colander by Home Marketplace™



  7. Extending Kitchen Colander

    …When not working in your kitchen sink, this handy colander can be used on your counter as a basket, or taken out to the garden to collect fresh tomatoes or berries—delivering them right back to the sink for rinsing! The durable kitchen strainer is designed in white BPA-free plastic, which is highly…

    Extending Kitchen Colander



  8. Multi-Purpose Scoop Colander by Chef's Pride

    Scoop and drain pasta or veggies straight out of hot, boiling pots and frying pans, or use this scoop colander to strain canned fruit, rinse fresh berries and serve a variety of foods. Designed like an oversized slotted spoon, the Multi-Purpose Scoop Colander by Chef's Pride is made of durable,…

    Multi-Purpose Scoop Colander by Chef's Pride



  9. Stainless Steel Egg Separator

    …the yolk safely in place, allowing the white to flow through the circular slots. The long handle stainless steel handle is easy to grip, so you can comfortably hold the separator over a frying pan, bowl or measuring cup. Compact and easy to store, the stainless steel egg separator cleans up easily…

    Stainless Steel Egg Separator



  10. Birdie Lemon Slice Juicer by Chef's Pride™

    …plastic; 4 3/4\u0022 wide x 2\u0022 high overall; Squeezes a single lemon, lime or citrus wedge without pulp, skin or seeds; Freestanding design can be used for easy mealtime display; Hand wash"}]

    Birdie Lemon Slice Juicer by Chef's Pride™



  11. Stainless Steel Food Masher and Ricer

    …and ricer is also great for pureeing fruits, mashing vegetables like sweet potatoes or carrots, straining greens like frozen spinach, or straining canned foods. Simply place cooked food in the drum and squeeze the handle to release smooth, fluffy mashed goodness with airy, rice-like texture. Saving…

    Stainless Steel Food Masher and Ricer



  12. Oil Separator Ladle by Chef's Pride™

    …fat strainer ladle to serve, and soup or sauce flows out from the lower spout first, while fat and oil remain on top so you can easily discard. No need to wait for soups or sauces to cool before removing grease and fats, and no fussing with filters and skimmers. This clever oil-separating ladle can

    Oil Separator Ladle by Chef's Pride™



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