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  1. Silicone Can Covers, Set of 6

    …food cans, providing a leak-proof, airtight seal to keep contents fresh in the fridge. Great for a variety of soups, fruits, tuna, evaporated milk and more, each silicone food cover's universal size fits 3 oz., 5.5 oz., 12.5 oz., 13 oz., 13.2 oz. cans. Easier to use than stiff plastic covers, the…

    Silicone Can Covers, Set of 6



  2. Silicone Covers, Set of 5 by Home Marketplace™

    These flexible Silicone Covers fit pots, pans, bowls, plates and coffee cups—great for stovetop cooking, microwave heating, covering ingredients, keeping sides warm before serving, storing fridge leftovers, keeping a cup of coffee or tea hot, and protecting hands and tabletops from hot dishes. The…

    Silicone Covers, Set of 5 by Home Marketplace™



  3. Fresh Top Caps, Set of 6

    …caps that snap right onto soda cans to create airtight, resealable bottles! You can now save half a can of soda for fresh sipping later, close it up for spill-proof travel, or keep bugs and pests out of your beverage with these colorful plastic soda can covers. No more flat leftover soft drinks…

    Fresh Top Caps, Set of 6



  4. Foot Stool Storage Ottoman with Gray Cover

    …- Stylish ottoman is perfect for small spaces and is a fun addition to any room in your home. Can be used as a foot rest for relaxing, an extra seat in your living room or as accent storage in…

    Foot Stool Storage Ottoman with Gray Cover



  5. Watering Can Extension Spout

    …versatile design allows you to water plants in hard-to-reach places and cover a lot of ground quickly. This extension spout is the perfect upgrade to your gardening equipment — making your watering can work harder for you so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors. Made from PP. 11" long x 4…

    Watering Can Extension Spout



  6. Decorative Toilet Lid Covers

    …months. Our fabric toilet lid covers are easy to add and stay in place thanks to their elastic edging. They not only look great, but they minimize the annoying noise that those slamming toilet lids can cause in the household. Our decorative toilet lid covers are made from an ultra-soft fabric…

    Decorative Toilet Lid Covers



  7. Toilet Seat Covers

    …bathroom, our commode seat cover has elasticized edges and an inner plastic rim to fit both oval and round shapes snugly; Easy to Clean Material – You can machine wash this cover as needed for easy cleanup; Multiple Color Choices – Pick from any of several toilet seat cover color options, allowing…

    Toilet Seat Covers



  8. Magnetic Register Covers Set/3

    …Just add one of our Magnetic Vent Covers to your metal or steel vent. These handy magnetic register covers put you in control of when and where your hot or cold air flows, aiding in overall HVAC efficiency. Our magnetic vent covers come in a set of three, so you can add them to multiple metal vents…

    Magnetic Register Covers Set/3



  9. Quilted Pillow Covers Set/2

    …skin shedding: All of these factors can combine to take a toll on your favorite pillows. A pillowcase is often not enough to act as an effective barrier against the natural oils and cells that our faces, scalps and bodies excrete and shed at night. A pillow cover is an important part of not only…

    Quilted Pillow Covers Set/2



  10. Classic Deep Burner Covers Set/2

    …you can use these covers to hide any messes and be ready for visitors; Protect 2 Burners – Each individual cover will protect two gas or electric burners at a time with dimensions of 19.5\u0022 L x 11.75\u0022 W x 1.75\u0022 H; Covers Entire Stove – With two stove covers in the set, you can cover a…

    Classic Deep Burner Covers Set/2



  11. Microwave Bacon Can by Chef's Pride™

    …bacon in your microwave with this fuss-free, splatter-free Microwave Bacon Can. The bacon cooker features a crisper valve to release steam and cook your bacon to perfection with that frying pan flavor you love. The covered, can-style design contains splatters and releases grease into a built-in…

    Microwave Bacon Can by Chef's Pride™



  12. Hanging Microwave Cover

    …Microwave Cover and Splatter Guard. This convenient and practical item uses microwave-safe polymer-encased magnets to attach to the "ceiling" of your microwave oven when it is not in use. Simply pull it down and cover foods to prevent those dreaded splatters that can be tough to clean. This cover

    Hanging Microwave Cover



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