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  1. Easy Release Cake Pan Set of 2

    …your cake from your pan in one easy motion. Keep your cakes intact with our easy release bakeware pans. [{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"\u003cp\u003eWith our essential Easy Release Cake Pans, you\u0027ll no longer have to deal with large chunks of cake sticking to the bottom of your pan

    Easy Release Cake Pan Set of 2



  2. Silicone Spatula/Whisk Scraper

    …is removed and delivered right back to the bowl. The smooth side of the spatula scraper works great for frosting cakes and cupcakes, scraping batter from mixing bowl to muffin pan and more. The seamless, solid, one-piece design is flexible and durable—crafted of silicone with stainless steel core.…

    Silicone Spatula/Whisk Scraper



  3. Mini Loaf Pan

    …yourself time, energy and cleanup; Varied Tastes – With this all-in-1 pan, you can accommodate varying flavor, topping or mix-in preferences when baking your favorite bread, cake or brownie recipes; Meal Prep – Versatile baking pan is also perfect for preparing small batches or make-ahead meals that…

    Mini Loaf Pan



  4. Extendable Baking Tray by Chef's Pride™

    Easily extending in a flash, this non-stick pan is the one pan you need for any baking task—taking up less storage space in your kitchen! Baking everything from pizza to quiche, cakes and bars to casseroles, fish sticks, fries, even slab-style pies … it extends or retracts to suit your needs, so you…

    Extendable Baking Tray by Chef's Pride™



  5. Brownie Bar Pan

    With 12 square baking reservoirs, our unique brownie bar pan lets you create a variety of yummy sweets and savory treats ... from square muffins to quiches, cornbread, cupcakes, coffee cakes and more! The baking pan's non-stick surface releases food easily. 10 1/4" long x 13 3/4" wide. Coated carbon…

    Brownie Bar Pan



  6. Mini Cake Nonstick Pans by Chef's Pride – Set of 2

    cakes this set of 2 Mini Cake Non-Stick Pans, and expect delicious, impressive results—thanks to even-heating carbon steel surface and nonstick interiors. Featuring 6 mini cake wells with swirled edges, each durable baking pan distributes heat evenly for uniform baking … rendering pastry-style cakes

    Mini Cake Nonstick Pans by Chef's Pride – Set of 2



  7. Copper 10" Fluted Cake Pan

    …elegant cake is ready to impress without frosting or fuss. Add a quick sprinkle of powdered sugar, and prepare for oohs and aahs! Dishwasher safe. Bundt cake pan measures 10" dia.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"This copper ceramic 10\u0022 Bundt pan transforms even a basic cake into a…

    Copper 10" Fluted Cake Pan



  8. Silicone Triangle Cake Mold Pan

    …cleanup. Cake mold pan measures 2" high x 11" dia. overall.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Add delicious variety to your cakes with this Silicone Triangle Cake Mold Pan! With 8 segments in 1 baking pan, it\u0027s easy to bake different kinds of cake at the same time, make cake pops, or…

    Silicone Triangle Cake Mold Pan



  9. Non-Stick Spring Form Cake Pans by Home Marketplace, Set of 3

    …Spring Form Cake Pans. When easy release will make or break a cheesecake or ice cream cake, turn to the size you need—set of 3 includes 4 3/4" dia., 7" dia. and 8 3/4" dia. baking pans. Textured bottom surface encourages maximum airflow for even baking, and each non-stick pan comes apart for…

    Non-Stick Spring Form Cake Pans by Home Marketplace, Set of 3



  10. My Favorite™ Scraper, Set of 3

    …steel, non-stick, stone or glass … without scratching! My Favorite™ Scraper is specially designed with a blunt corner that's perfect for cake pans and loaf pans, plus rounded corners that easily scrape and clean bowls, skillets and casserole dishes. Shaped to perfectly fit your hand for easy…

    My Favorite™ Scraper, Set of 3



  11. Parchment Paper Baking Sheets by Chef's Pride

    …roasting vegetables and lining cake pans to prevent sticking, the convenient baking sheets mean you won't have to fuss with tearing paper off a bulky, curly roll—and the non-stick parchment paper surface means even delicate or sticky rolls slide right off the pan without need for messy sprays or…

    Parchment Paper Baking Sheets by Chef's Pride



  12. Stainless Steel Egg Separator

    …and easily without waste or mess. The stainless steel egg white separator is designed to use on one egg at a time, making it great for prepping cakes and meringues or whipping up an omelet with egg whites only. Simply crack an egg over the sturdy top edge, and the separator's inner ridges will…

    Stainless Steel Egg Separator



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