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  1. Resin Frog Birdhouse by Fox River™ Creations

    …attached twine hanger. Featuring a bird entry hole in the center of his big purple flower, this charming green frog garden decor is a functioning birdhouse, but can also be displayed on a bench or in a garden for a "hoppy" pop of color and frog loving fun. 5 1/2" long x 6" wide x 9" high decorative…

    Resin Frog Birdhouse by Fox River™ Creations



  2. Hummingbird Nester

    Offer feathered friends a helping hand by supplying the bird nesting material they need to build their nests. This globe of natural rattan comes filled with fluffy cotton — perfect for helping hummingbirds make nests. Rattan, hemp rope and cotton. 5 3/4" dia. Size may…

    Hummingbird Nester



  3. Patriotic Birdhouse Stakes, Set of 4 by Fox River™ Creations

    …of 4 Patriotic Birdhouse Stakes. Artfully crafted of durable, weather-resistant resin, each decorative bird cottage is designed a little differently—graced with charming details like stars and stripes, white picket fences, cardinals, flowers, a butterfly and more. The birdhouse yard stakes feature…

    Patriotic Birdhouse Stakes, Set of 4 by Fox River™ Creations



  4. Resin Barn Birdhouse by Fox River™ Creations

    …Resin Barn Birdhouse gives you a birds-eye view on all the fun! A colorful accent for your landscape or indoor décor, the hanging birdhouse is crafted of durable, 100% resin—painted and detailed all around for a beautiful view from any angle. The fully functional outdoor birdhouse is topped with…

    Resin Barn Birdhouse by Fox River™ Creations



  5. Resin Gnome Birdhouse by Fox River™ Creations

    …Gnome Birdhouse! Exclusively designed by Fox River™ Creations, the magical, bearded friend wears pointy gnome hat, and holds a bouquet of daisies in one hand and a little blue butterfly in the other. Artfully crafted in resin with 3D details all around, the fully functional resin birdhouse offers…

    Resin Gnome Birdhouse by Fox River™ Creations



  6. Personalized Our Years Together Labels and Envelope Seals 20

    …Years Together Labels and Seals! Personalized address labels and seals feature a pair of sweet feathered friends perched atop a birdhouse. Specify name/address; limit 4 lines, 25 letters/spaces each. Self-stick. 2 1/2" long x 1" wide. Seals: 1 1/8" dia. Set of 20…

    Personalized Our Years Together Labels and Envelope Seals 20



  7. Personalized Tweet Hearts Ornament

    …tags needed! Graced with a cute little birdhouse, adorable songbirds and musical notes, this Tweet Hearts Ornament can be personalized for one special family, or for Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Auntie or anyone. We'll print one name just beneath the birdhouse, and add 1 to 10 names for each little…

    Personalized Tweet Hearts Ornament



  8. Resin Cardinal Shaped Birdhouse

    Feathered friends can take shelter in this pretty cardinal bird house all year long—claiming residence while you enjoy backyard bird watching. The cardinal shaped bird house is constructed of durable resin to resist outdoor elements for years of beautiful use. It's artfully designed with intricate…

    Resin Cardinal Shaped Birdhouse



  9. Double-Ended Outdoor Hanging Hooks, Set of 5

    …Loop one iron planter hook over a branch, rod, shepherd's hook or nail—then use the opposite end's hook to hang a flower basket, wind chime, birdhouse or feeder. Helping you decorate your landscape quickly and easily, they can also be used as extenders, keeping planters out of reach to animals…

    Double-Ended Outdoor Hanging Hooks, Set of 5



  10. Personalized Tweet Hearts Mug

    …who bring joy to the family flock—personalized just for Oma, Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Auntie or anyone! Adorably designed with a cute little birdhouse, songbirds and musical notes, the decorative 15-oz. bird mug can be personalized with 1 name or nickname on top, plus 1 to 8 names on the birdies,…

    Personalized Tweet Hearts Mug



  11. Personalized Birdhouse 2-Year Planner

    Birds of a feather organize together! This Personalized Birdhouse 2-Year Planner features a monthly calendar with dates and holidays for 2 full years, with additional space for writing notes. Included bonus handy notepad helps you stay organized on the go. Personalize the personal planner's cover…

    Personalized Birdhouse 2-Year Planner



  12. Welcome Birdhouse Garden Flag

    …among bright sunflowers, three feathered friends perch on their cute, little houses—lending warm welcome to yours! This warm, happy Welcome Birdhouse Garden Flag is perfect for any outdoor space that needs a little cheering up from nature's best greeters, and will be a bright spot in your garden,…

    Welcome Birdhouse Garden Flag



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