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  1. Large Clear Fly-Through Birdfeeder

    Watch birds with an unobstructed view thanks to this Large Clear Fly-Through Bird Feeder designed for easy birdwatching. Observe your feathered friends up close and personal, with 2 feeding stations allowing multiple birds to eat at once. Easy to use, simply fill it from the top with birdseed and…

    Large Clear Fly-Through Birdfeeder



  2. Window Bird Feeder

    …a live nature show right from your own living room. This Window Bird Feeder suctions to the glass to let you observe the comings and goings of your feathered friends. A generous bird seed holder and half-moon perch invite birds to stay a while so you can capture their feeding and grooming behaviors.…

    Window Bird Feeder



  3. Squirrel Baffle

    …Material – Our plastic bird food baffle ships with metal brackets, so you can mount it easily; Works with Most Bird Feeders – You can mount this baffle over the top of a pole-mounted bird feeder or a hanging feeder; Safe for Birds – The plastic baffle is safe to use around birds, as it won’t spook…

    Squirrel Baffle



  4. Bird Bath with Trellis

    …It features two decorative metal birds perched on the top scrolls, has a high-quality weatherproof metal design and has an eye-catching bronze finish. Fill the 7 1/2" diameter bird bath bowl with water to welcome birds of all kinds to your space. Our garden bird bath is a great add to either front…

    Bird Bath with Trellis



  5. Wild Bird Feeding Station

    …activity. Our Miles Kimball three-hook bird feeder station is a sturdy yard stake that allows you to hang multiple bird feeders. It includes an additional mesh seed tray and a ring for a supporting bird bath. Fill each bird feeder area with a different bird seed formula to attract different…

    Wild Bird Feeding Station



  6. Resin Squirrel Bird Feeder by Fox River™ Creations

    Finally … a squirrel who serves up birdseed instead of stealing it! Inspired by the infamous nibblers known to raid bird buffet, this fun hanging bird feeder stars a cute little squirrel, hanging from twine and dishing up birdseed in his cute, little belly. Realistically crafted of resin and…

    Resin Squirrel Bird Feeder by Fox River™ Creations



  7. Resin Cardinal Shaped Birdhouse

    Feathered friends can take shelter in this pretty cardinal bird house all year long—claiming residence while you enjoy backyard bird watching. The cardinal shaped bird house is constructed of durable resin to resist outdoor elements for years of beautiful use. It's artfully designed with intricate…

    Resin Cardinal Shaped Birdhouse



  8. Long Hummingbird Feeder

    Attract hummingbirds to your yard or patio with a hanging feeder. A rail along the rim gives feathered friends a place to rest…and a chance for you to admire these amazing little creatures. The twist-off base has 4 blossom-shaped feeding stations. Easy to fill and hang with the included wire hanger.…

    Long Hummingbird Feeder



  9. Resin Barn Birdhouse by Fox River™ Creations

    …charming rustic birdhouse, giving guests a cozy place to nest. A delightful gift for new homeowners, bird lovers, farmers and your neighborhood birds, it lends a pop of color and cheer to any setting. 5" x 5" x 8 9/10". By Fox River™ Creations. [{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Barnyard…

    Resin Barn Birdhouse by Fox River™ Creations



  10. Seed Ball

    Attract your favorite feathered friends to your yard with this Birdseed Ball. The unique mesh design lets clinging birds access the seed while allowing water to drain, keeping the bird food fresh and dry. Holds blends of sunflower, millet, nyjer and other seeds. Perfect for birdwatchers, nature…

    Seed Ball



  11. Bird Bath     XL

    Welcome feathered friends into your yard with a Bird Bath from Miles Kimball where they can drink and wash in safety. Our high-quality plastic birdbath will really give the birds in your area something to sing about! The elegant classic shape of our bird bath for sale mimics pricier cement styles at…

    Bird Bath XL



  12. Plate Style Bird Feeder by Fox River™ Creations

    This plate style bird feeder by Fox River™ Creations is a lovely addition to any backyard bird haven. Made from sturdy iron with a colorful coating, it features a hanging chain with a hook for easy placement on a tree branch or garden pole. The bird feeder doubles as a bird bath, giving your…

    Plate Style Bird Feeder by Fox River™ Creations



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