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  1. Metal Hummingbird Hangers, Set of 3 by Fox River™ Creations

    …garden fence post or patio wall; Easy to Hang – Each colorful hummingbird features a flat back with triangle hook that allows you to easily hang each bird flat against a patio wall, garden shed, front door, kitchen wall or child’s nursery; Value Set – Set of 3 metal hummingbirds includes 10 inches…

    Metal Hummingbird Hangers, Set of 3 by Fox River™ Creations



  2. Bird Bath with Trellis

    …It features two decorative metal birds perched on the top scrolls, has a high-quality weatherproof metal design and has an eye-catching bronze finish. Fill the 7 1/2" diameter bird bath bowl with water to welcome birds of all kinds to your space. Our garden bird bath is a great add to either front…

    Bird Bath with Trellis



  3. Personalized Backyard Birds Labels & Envelope Seals, Set of 60

    Cheerfully perched within whimsical branches, these Personalized Backyard Birds Labels and Seals bring lighthearted appeal to your cards and letters! Personalized address labels and seals feature 4 rotating designs. Specify name/address; limit 4 lines, 25 letters/spaces each. Self-stick. 2 1/2" long…

    Personalized Backyard Birds Labels & Envelope Seals, Set of 60



  4. Cat & Bird Pricklers, Set of 4

    …to cat paws and bird feet, these cat and bird prickler pads keep unwanted guests out of vegetable gardens, potted plants, flower boxes and more. Simply place the durable polypropylene cat and bird deterrent pads on top of soil to protect any area cats use as litter boxes, birds land to peck or chew,…

    Cat & Bird Pricklers, Set of 4



  5. Jelly/Jam Feeder ™

    …for neat, easy feeding of orioles and other birds! The fruit feeder's bright color attracts a variety of feathered friends; sweet jelly or jam brings them back again and again. Plastic feeder includes built-in perch and safety bar to prevent birds from entering jar. 4 1/2" wide x 6" high; fits…

    Jelly/Jam Feeder ™



  6. Peppercorn Bird Bath     XL

    Peppercorn Bird Bath provides a safe place to drink and wash! Our plastic bird bath attracts feathered friends to your yard! Durable bird bath assembles easily with 3 screws (included). Base may be filled with sand for added stability. 25" high x 16 3/4"…

    Peppercorn Bird Bath XL



  7. Double Hook Fruit Feeder

    …clear view of birds as they dine on the fruit you offer to keep them well fed in any weather. This decorative double hook fruit bird feeder includes an attached metal chain for easy hanging in your garden, backyard, balcony or patio terrace. It's a great gift for any bird lover! Bird Feeder hanger…

    Double Hook Fruit Feeder



  8. Brain Games® Sticker-by-Number™ Psalms

    …your image, locate and peel off stickers, and place them in corresponding spaces to bring spectacular, full-colored images to life. With images of birds, floral designs and nature scenes, adults of all ages will enjoy the creative process … and kids will want to join in the fun, as well. A great way…

    Brain Games® Sticker-by-Number™ Psalms



  9. Resin Cardinal on Swing by Fox River™ Creations

    …of whimsical motion when gentle winds beckon. A thoughtful gift for bird lovers, the charming animal art is also a symbol of hope, joy and love, which makes this outdoor decor a meaningful treasure to love all year. The resin bird statue includes a metal chain with hanging hook for easy display.…

    Resin Cardinal on Swing by Fox River™ Creations



  10. Pewter Cardinal Memorial Ornament

    …Pewter Cardinal Memorial Ornament offers this comforting message: "A Symbol of Hope & Love in Times of Sorrow". According to tradition, the "Red Bird" or Cardinal is believed to be a heaven-sent symbol of love, representing a loved one who has passed. When you see a cardinal, it means your loved…

    Pewter Cardinal Memorial Ornament



  11. Metal Bird Stakes by Fox River™ Creations, Set of 3

    You're guaranteed great bird watching on a daily basis when you stake these Metal Bird Stakes right in your own backyard! The bright, feathered friends are crafted of durable, weatherproof 100% metal, and each is wonderfully detailed … and so realistic, you may find yourself doing a double take now…

    Metal Bird Stakes by Fox River™ Creations, Set of 3



  12. Hummingbird Swing

    …Hummingbirds will use it as a perch to watch over their food source. Important behavior for them ... a delight for you. Durable steel and wood outdoor bird perch. Includes screw hook. 5 1/4" long x 6 3/4" high.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Just hang this hummingbird swing perch near a…

    Hummingbird Swing



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