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  1. Telescopic Tub & Wall Scrubber

    …one foam sponge for use with this product. Additional refill foam sponges are available for purchase at Miles Kimball. Don't miss our other clever cleaning products, tools and gadgets for sale on the Miles Kimball website; we specialize in hard-to-find products that help make your life easier.…

    Telescopic Tub & Wall Scrubber



  2. Clean Spin 360° Mop & Bucket Set

    The Clean Spin 360° mop & bucket set features a 360° swivel head to pick up dirt and dust in all those hard-to-reach places without bending. Perfect for corners and under furniture, it's microfiber head picks up dirt like a magnet, leaving a clean, shining surface behind. Detachable wet/dry…

    Clean Spin 360° Mop & Bucket Set



  3. Portable Lint Remover

    …lint scraper is perfect for both home and travel. Miles Kimball has great, affordable finds you need for your bed, bath and laundry. Visit us often to find other fantastic products like this lint and pet hair remover. [{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"\u003cp\u003ePut down that ordinary…

    Portable Lint Remover



  4. Wall Mounted Wheat Straw 2-Tier Soap Dishes

    …Mounted Wheat Straw 2-Tier Soap Dishes saves space AND soap, thanks to tiers with tons of drainage! Choose 1 or 2 tiers for soap bars or beauty products in the bathroom, dishwashing tools in the kitchen, or other creative uses around the house. You (and the environment) will love that this wall…

    Wall Mounted Wheat Straw 2-Tier Soap Dishes



  5. Elastic Sheet Straps Set of 4

    …miss our other great finds and bed accessories in our Bed, Bath and Laundry department.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"\u003cp\u003eFor decades, Miles Kimball has been known for those unique, clever and hard-to-find products that help out in your home. Our set of four elastic bed sheet…

    Elastic Sheet Straps Set of 4



  6. Bissell® FeatherWeight™ Vacuum

    …ergonomically designed handle provides comfort and flexibility. When the debris collection cup is full, simply dump it and resume cleaning. This product measures 8.3” long x 9.5” wide x 44.25” high and has a 16'-long cord. [{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"\u003cp\u003eThe Bissell®…

    Bissell® FeatherWeight™ Vacuum



  7. Hanging Mesh Shower Caddy

    …mesh pockets in 3 sizes: 2 small, 2 medium, 2 large. The shower organizer's durable, tear-resistant polyester design is perfect for storing hair products, shower gel, razors and more! Hanging caddy measures 6" wide x 58 1/2" high.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Hanging Mesh Shower Caddy…

    Hanging Mesh Shower Caddy



  8. Flat Flexible Duster

    At Miles Kimball, we have exclusive, unique products that provide solutions to your peskiest home cleaning problems. For hard-to-reach flooring under couches, appliances, ovens, sectionals, tables, buffets and other furniture, the Reach Anywhere Duster by OakRidge™ will reach those places where…

    Flat Flexible Duster



  9. Round Shower Mat

    …needs in slippery showers. Some of the simplest, most functional products are sometimes the toughest to find in traditional stores. Although oblong, square and rectangle-shaped non-slip shower mats seem quite easy to find, circular bath mats are often very difficult to locate. Purchase several of…

    Round Shower Mat



  10. Quilted Pillow Covers Set/2

    Night sweats, hair products, skin shedding: All of these factors can combine to take a toll on your favorite pillows. A pillowcase is often not enough to act as an effective barrier against the natural oils and cells that our faces, scalps and bodies excrete and shed at night. A pillow cover is an…

    Quilted Pillow Covers Set/2



  11. Cleaning Sponges - Set of 50

    …includes a softer sponge on one side and a heavy-duty scrubber on the other. Miles Kimball has great deals on sponges — as well as other cleaning products — that make your life easier. Purchase these nifty 50 sponges and have enough on hand for up to 12 full months of scrub sponges — or give them…

    Cleaning Sponges - Set of 50



  12. Mesh Shower Slippers

    Public showers, gyms, bath houses and saunas may be beneficial in many ways to your health. However, the festering bacteria and fungi spores on the floors can be downright dangerous. Wet floors, especially tile floors, can be particularly slippery too. Protect your feet from fungal infections,…

    Mesh Shower Slippers



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