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  1. Silicone Icing Pen

    …body of this icing tool delivers a controlled flow of icing or cream, rendering beautiful results without straining your hands and wrists. The frosting pen's wide mouth lid is easy to fill and clean, and all pieces clean easily in the dishwasher to reuse for birthdays, showers, bake sales, holidays…

    Silicone Icing Pen



  2. Donut Baking Pan

    …and bake up 6 perfect donuts, complete with donut holes in the center. Enjoy your light, delicious donuts plain, or top with icing and decorate with sprinkles and nuts for added fun. The durable non-stick metal donut baking tray provides easy release and quick cleanup. Dishwasher safe. Bake donuts…

    Donut Baking Pan



  3. Easy Release Ice Cream Scoopers, Set of 2

    …press the soft, flexible bottoms of these Easy Release Ice Cream Scoopers to easily serve ice cream and more! The premium quality ice cream servers are designed in anti-freeze, anti-slip plastic so they're perfect for scooping ice cream and sherbet, but their smooth, pliable silicone interiors…

    Easy Release Ice Cream Scoopers, Set of 2



  4. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls, Set of 5

    …rolled rims for easy pouring, the versatile kitchen bowls are great for mixing up pancakes or muffins, whipping creams and icings, organizing recipe ingredients when baking, or tossing a salad and serving it in the same handsome bowl. Durable, yet lightweight and easy to handle, the quality…

    Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls, Set of 5



  5. Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Covered Raisins

    …beloved movie theater classic best enjoyed by the handful, these versatile treats can be added to nuts for trail mix, baked into oatmeal cookies, sprinkled over yogurt or ice cream, or mixed with a bowl of fresh popcorn for a sweet-and-salty treat. No matter how you enjoy these big, juicy, chocolate…

    Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Covered Raisins



  6. Pie Keeper

    …of your creation and retain the integrity of details like icing work. This ingenious design gives you plenty of room to store desserts in multiple sizes from a deep dish pie to cheesecake. Enjoy effortless travel to the next bake sale, potluck, or dinner party with your tasty creations securely…

    Pie Keeper



  7. Wood Spurtle Tools, Set of 3

    …porridge, soups, stews and broths. This versatile kitchen workhorse is a spoon/spatula combination, making it perfect for stirring sauces, spreading icing on cakes, flipping omelettes, folding batter and much more. Crafted of acacia wood with a thin profile for ultimate efficiency and control, each…

    Wood Spurtle Tools, Set of 3



  8. Silicone Spatula/Whisk Scraper

    …edge on the other, this Silicone Spatula/Whisk Scraper cleans whisk wires, ices cakes and scrapes bowls clean. Use the special grooved ridges to slide the silicone scraper along whisk until whip cream, batter, sauce or icing is removed and delivered right back to the bowl. The smooth side of the…

    Silicone Spatula/Whisk Scraper



  9. Stainless Steel Cookie Scoop S/3

    …meatballs, melon and more. Each metal scoop also works great for scooping heavy batter into muffin tins, and serve ice cream and sorbet with ease. Become the star of the bake show, school sale, or potluck with beautifully shaped cookies every time with the help of these clever cookie scoopers.…

    Stainless Steel Cookie Scoop S/3



  10. Mini Loaf Pan

    Baking – Create uniform sweet breads, mini meat loaves and more by baking 8 individual servings at once and save yourself time, energy and cleanup; Varied Tastes – With this all-in-1 pan, you can accommodate varying flavor, topping or mix-in preferences when baking your favorite bread, cake or…

    Mini Loaf Pan



  11. Gourmet Fun 24-Pc. Dessert Decorating Set

    …decorating tips, 2 plastic couplers and 6 plastic icing bags of 11 1/2\u0022 long capacity (17.5 oz.); Also includes 1 plastic flower nail, 1 plastic spatula, 1 tip cleaning brush and 1 storage box; A sweet gift for any baker on your list; Hand wash icing bags, all other pieces are dishwasher safe;…

    Gourmet Fun 24-Pc. Dessert Decorating Set



  12. Foil Pan Casserole Carrier

    …accommodate the included 1 1/2" deep foil pan, and a serving spoon. You can even fill the base with ice to keep a salad cold, or hot water to keep a baked dish warm! 11 1/2" long x 14" wide base accommodates any 10" long x 13" wide x 2" deep foil…

    Foil Pan Casserole Carrier



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